Monday, December 7, 2015



The pod was part of a Modular Art Pods show at OZ Arts in Nashville, Tennessee ( in 21-25 June 2016.

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet


Modular Art Pods

'Modular Art Pods is an open-source collaborative art. Each artist designs a pod and builds it. Attendees can experience the tunnel by going through the pods or walking the perimeter. Anyone can enjoy Modular Art Pods no matter their age or accessibility needs. Smaller "crawl" pods can also be experienced through an accessible "backlot tour," featuring peepholes, behind-the-scenes views, and inside/outside interactivity.'

Thank You !

The Project Outline

How would you propose to fill a 4ft x 4ft pod ?
Let your imagination go wild.

Your proposals will be displayed in this pod.

Participation is Free - painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, rubber stamps, etc
A postcard size response is encouraged.

There will be NO return of mail art. There will be NO sales.

The Deadline has now passed

All work will be shown on this blog and available space will determine what is shown in the pod.
There will be a postal response.

(In the words of Ray Johnson), "PLEASE SEND TO":
Jason Brown
PO Box 160417
Nashville, TN 37216

A proposal on a postcard it's that simple !

About Mail Art

Mail Art explained on the University of Buffalo's website...

' Participatory, democratic, personal and expressive, as a form of artwork, Mail Art is sent, given or exchanged via the postal service. A work of art becomes Mail Art once it is dispatched, disappearing forever from the artist's hands. Mail Artists form networks and faithfully participate in them by pouring a steady stream of unique art objects into the quotidian postal system. Mail Artists also regularly call for topical or thematic Mail Art for exhibition. Mail Art forms a community of like minded artists. Each piece of Mail Art is unique and often a collage that might aggressively engage social, artistic, and hot topical political issues or might harvest images from pop culture. All forms of material and artistic techniques come into play. Mail Art explores the material nature of language. Rubber stamps, stickers, paint and other material are frequently combined in Mail Art collage. After artistic treatment, items such as common post cards to plastic bottles enter into the Mail Art network.

Ray Johnson is credited as the founder of contemporary Mail Art. In the late 1950's he founded the New York Correspondence School and the New York Correspondence School bunny is an image frequently collaged into works of Mail Art'.

Here are some links for you;
Let's start with wikipedia -
Excellent website from established British Mail Artist, Keith Bates -
The International Union of Mail-Artists -

Jason Brown's earlier Mail Art projects;
Reinvention (2014) -
They now reside within the Special Collections at Vanderbilt University Library in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


Andee Rudloff
Bowling Green, Kentucky